Scout Camp

I just came back from my boy-scout camp. My dad drove the RV we rented and it was huge–it had a shower, a fridge, and a bed. It took us three hours to get to camp.  I got to shoot rifles and shoot some arrows. My favorite part was shooting the rifles. We had okay food, but I have had better food. We had tacos, spaghetti and meatballs, and we had French toast.  I really don’t like sleeping in the outdoors so it was uncomfortable.  I don’t like bugs and that made the outdoors so it was uncomfortable for me. I had to put up with some crazy kids. Even though I had to put up with the crazy kids, I got my swimming merit badge, my pioneering merit badge, and my cooking merit badge. I heard there was a shotgun merit badge, a life saving merit badge, first aid merit badge, and an environmental science merit badge. My troop got to do the polar bear swim, where you swim in the morning, and we got to do the pirate breakfast where we got to eat breakfast on the canoes and kayaks. We had sermons by my friend, and he was amazing. My troop also saw a copperhead in our camp. I missed that though. We also had a bear at our camp and the camp staff tranquilized it. We didn’t get to see that though. We had so much fun at camp, and I realized that at the very end.

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