Hong Kong Disney

My family and I went to Hong Kong Disney. We had to go on the MTR to get there.  (MTR is Hong Kong’s metro.)  We arrived a bit early so we could beat the crowd. When we got in the park we went to Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger spin. When it was 11 A.M. we got a guide to the park. The guide was great and with the guide we got to go to the front of the line. We got to go to Space Mountain, the high speed space ride RC Racer ride, the Stitch Encounter show where I talked to Stitch, Autopia the car ride, and I also got my own Student I.D. for Monsters University. We had our tour guide until 6 P.M. We also got to see the parades. It rained a lot while in Hong Kong Disney but otherwise it was great. We also got to ride Mystic Point.  Mystic Point is about when Mr. Mystic brings back a magic music box which can bring any inanimate objects to life. Sadly his traveling monkey Albert activates the box. There are many different rooms like the China room, and the tiki room. We also got to go on Grizzly Gulch. Grizzly Gulch is just like Big Thunder Mountain. We had the best of times at Hong Kong Disney.

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