When my family and I arrived in Japan we went to the Shangri la hotel and had room service. The next day we went shopping, and we went to the Pokemon Center and Tiffany. That night we went to the U.S.-Japan Leadership Program reception. The next day we went on the Diet tour, then the fish market and we got shaved ice there. We ate lunch at a sushi place with the rest of the U.S.-Japan Leadership Program group. We also went to the Nezu Museum and then we went to the ANA hotel and rested there for a bit. We had another reception that night and it was fun. I got to see my old friend at the receptions. He doesn’t speak English. My family and I had to leave the second night to go to Hawaii so we left early from the reception. We had a great time with the U.S.-Japan Leadership Program and we hope next time will be better.

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