China- Hawaii

The 15th of June:
My favorite thing to eat was Xiao long bao because of the soup inside the outside layer.
Getting my silk coats was fun to get because they are fun to wear and I like seeing people’s reaction to seeing me in them.
The Ping pong ball floating art in the National Art Museum was fun to watch because it is an abnormal thing to see.



The 16th of June:
Travel day to Chengdu


The 17th of June:
My favorite thing that I did today was hugging a panda because the pandas are so soft and they are so cute.
My favorite thing that I saw were the pandas because they are adorable. They walk around, eat, and sleep.
My favorite thing I ate was dan dan noddles because they are spicy but sweet.
The 18th of June:
My favorite thing I saw was the irrigation ditch because it was made by people with shovels a thousand years ago. That would take a lot of work.
Walking on a rope bridge was my favorite thing to do because I like swinging the bridge and it annoys my sister.
I liked eating the mushrooms at the farm on the hill because the mushrooms were cooked perfectly.


The 19th of June:
Travel day to Beijing
The 20th of June:
My favorite thing to do was walking through the Summer Palace because there weren’t many people because the palace hadn’t opened until 8:00 but the hotel has a gate to the Summer Palace.
My favorite thing to eat was the Gung Bao Ji ding because of the spicy and sweet sauce.
My favorite thing I saw was the Red dinosaurs in a red cage because they are red dinosaurs in cages.
The 21st of June
Travel Day to Honolulu



The 21st of June
My favorite thing to eat was a Zippys burger because it tasted like American food and I was sick of Chinese food.
Swimming was my favorite activity to do because I love swimming.
My favorite thing to see was seeing the clothes we bought because I bought shirts with neat designs and pants with neat colors.
The 22nd of June
My favorite thing to see was a turtle while surfing.
Surfing was my favorite thing to do because it was fun.
The wagyu beef course of Chef Mavro’s was my favorite thing to eat because it was cooked perfectly and it tasted fantastic!
The 23rd of June
My favorite thing to do was going into a submarine because it was so wide and the sub was so tall that you could only tell how tall it was when you went down into the submarine.
My favorite thing to see was the submarine because it was so exciting inside and the amount of technology was amazing!
My favorite thing to eat was Uncle Clay’s shave ice because the shave ice has natural syrups and it makes the shave ice taste better!


The 24th of June
The Honolulu Art Museum was fun to see because of the different types of art in it like the Japanese wood block paintings.
Surfing was my favorite thing to do because I love surfing, the waters warm and it is fun to do tricks like backwards Buddha (where you sit on the board backwards in a Buddha position).
My favorite thing to eat was the salsa tuna stack from Alan Wong’s because it contains salsa, raw tuna, guacamole and fried wontons.


The 25th of June
The admirals boat was both my favorite for doing and seeing in Pearl Harbor because of what happened when the Japanese attacked.
The strip loin with French fries was my favorite thing to eat at a restaurant called Town because they were covered in butter.


The 26th of June
Beach day
Surfing and swimming were my favorite things to do because I love swimming and surfing because if it is hot, swimming and surfing cool you down.
My favorite thing to eat was at Mr. Tanaka’s of Tokyo. I ate steak and chicken. It was delicious!
My favorite thing to see was the little show the chefs do at Mr. Tanaka’s of Tokyo because they do unbelievable tricks like throwing knives up into the air and throwing shrimp tails into the air and into their hats.

The 27th of June
Flying home.


When my family and I arrived in Japan we went to the Shangri la hotel and had room service. The next day we went shopping, and we went to the Pokemon Center and Tiffany. That night we went to the U.S.-Japan Leadership Program reception. The next day we went on the Diet tour, then the fish market and we got shaved ice there. We ate lunch at a sushi place with the rest of the U.S.-Japan Leadership Program group. We also went to the Nezu Museum and then we went to the ANA hotel and rested there for a bit. We had another reception that night and it was fun. I got to see my old friend at the receptions. He doesn’t speak English. My family and I had to leave the second night to go to Hawaii so we left early from the reception. We had a great time with the U.S.-Japan Leadership Program and we hope next time will be better.

Hong Kong Disney

My family and I went to Hong Kong Disney. We had to go on the MTR to get there.  (MTR is Hong Kong’s metro.)  We arrived a bit early so we could beat the crowd. When we got in the park we went to Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger spin. When it was 11 A.M. we got a guide to the park. The guide was great and with the guide we got to go to the front of the line. We got to go to Space Mountain, the high speed space ride RC Racer ride, the Stitch Encounter show where I talked to Stitch, Autopia the car ride, and I also got my own Student I.D. for Monsters University. We had our tour guide until 6 P.M. We also got to see the parades. It rained a lot while in Hong Kong Disney but otherwise it was great. We also got to ride Mystic Point.  Mystic Point is about when Mr. Mystic brings back a magic music box which can bring any inanimate objects to life. Sadly his traveling monkey Albert activates the box. There are many different rooms like the China room, and the tiki room. We also got to go on Grizzly Gulch. Grizzly Gulch is just like Big Thunder Mountain. We had the best of times at Hong Kong Disney.

Becoming a Tenderfoot

I just have become a Tenderfoot for Boy Scouts. My dad is happy for me and it is great for me because it means I am one step closer to becoming an Eagle Scout. Before I became a Tenderfoot I had to do some requirements and then I had to do a Board of Review. My dad said the Board of Review would be hard but it really wasn’t difficult. Even though it was easy I was terrified about what I was going to do in the Board of Review. Fortunately it was very simple.

Examples of requirements:

Demonstrate how to fuse and whip the ends of a rope.

Demonstrate how to care for somebody who is choking.

Spend at least one night on a patrol or troop campout, and sleep in a tent that you have helped pitch.