Monsters University

Monsters University is a great movie. MU a.k.a Monsters University is about Mike and Sully who are in the scaring program. Mike and Sully want to become the top scarers. One problem, Mike and Sully are kicked out of the scaring program by Dean Hardscrabble, the best scarer in the Monster World. They join the fraternity called Oozma Kappa because Mike made a bet with Dean Hardscrabble that if they win the scare games they can go back into the scaring program, but if they lose Mike and Sully have to leave MU. The members of Oozma Kappa are Squishy, Don, Terri and Terry, and Art. Oozma Kappa is the worst fraternity there is but Mike and Sully have to train them to become scarers. The competitions they go through are the Toxic Challenge, Avoiding the Parents Challenge, the Hiding Challenge, the Scare Maze, and the Scare Room. Another problem is Mike isn’t scary. When Mike figures out that Sully made the scare level on the scaring room easy, he goes through a real door to the human world to show he is scary. Sadly Sully and Mike are trapped in the human world. The only way back to the monster world is to collect enough scream energy to open the door. Sadly they have to scare adults, not kids. Mike comes up with a plan so Sully can scare the adults. Sully and Mike escape the human world and are expelled. They get jobs in the mailroom at Monsters Inc., the scream energy collecting company. They manage to become a scaring team at Monsters Inc. I would rate this movie a 4-1/2 stars because I loved Mike, but I thought it was drastic for Pixar to make Mike and Sully get trapped in the human world.

Papa Louie Games

These are the best long but fun games about owning a restaurant. You could make pancakes, frozen yogurt, tacos, and so much more. The problem in these games is Papa Louie needs somebody to run his restaurants. I have tried every game and I love every one of them so far. The goal is to make your customers gold star customers. How do you make a customer a star customer? Well you make them happy every time by giving them what ever they want. Some of your customers are Tyler, Edna, Prudence, Hugo, Utah, and Kahuna. I would rate these games a 3-1/2 because sometimes you can be annoyed and I have played these games for a long time so I just get impatient.

Phineas and Ferb

Phineas and Ferb is the best show of all time! I have been a big fan for a long time. If you want a show that is great for you and your kids, Phineas and Ferb is it. Phineas and Ferb is about two kids, Phineas and Ferb. Phineas and Ferb are stepbrothers and every day of the summer they build these wacky contraptions like nano bots, a time machine, and a one hit wonder. Their friends, Isabella, Buford, and Baljeet help Phineas and Ferb build the contraptions. The boys’ sister, Candace, tries to bust them everyday. While Phineas and Ferb build their contraptions, their pet platypus Agent P or “Perry” has to battle Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz, an evil scientist. I would rate this TV show five stars. I would rate the show five stars because I love the show.  It is funny, and it has an interesting animal agent.

New York

I just went to New York City for the Forth of July with my friends Benjamin and Isabelle and it was fun. We went to F.A.O Schwarz and we went to Central Park Zoo where we saw some penguins, red pandas, and a polar bear. We went to some of the best restaurants in New York. We went to the Modern, Jean-Georges, and North End Grill. At the North End Grill I had the fried egg with tuna tar tare, the beef tenderloin, and the German chocolate cake. At the Modern I had the poached egg with truffle, the skirt steak, and the raspberry and the strawberry sorbet and the chocolate cart came. (We got a plethora of chocolates.) At Jean-Georges I had the yellowfin tuna ribbons, the roasted saddle of lamb, and then the four dessert topics (strawberry, rhubarb, cherry, and chocolate). My favorite restaurant was the North End Grill. We saw two musicals. They were Cinderella and Pippin. I didn’t quite like Pippin because the plot was confusing to me, and Cinderella was great because it was super funny and it did not have a confusing plot. On Fourth of July we saw the fireworks at Chelsea Piers and the fireworks were great. We also went to the Cloisters where we saw the famous Unicorn tapestry. We also got to Dylan’s Candy Bar, and that was really fun. Dylan’s Candy Bar is candy heaven because it has so much candy. I bought orange gummy bears, green apple licorice, nerds, and fun dip. Overall my family and Benjamin and Isabelle and their parents had a great time.

Scout Camp

I just came back from my boy-scout camp. My dad drove the RV we rented and it was huge–it had a shower, a fridge, and a bed. It took us three hours to get to camp.  I got to shoot rifles and shoot some arrows. My favorite part was shooting the rifles. We had okay food, but I have had better food. We had tacos, spaghetti and meatballs, and we had French toast.  I really don’t like sleeping in the outdoors so it was uncomfortable.  I don’t like bugs and that made the outdoors so it was uncomfortable for me. I had to put up with some crazy kids. Even though I had to put up with the crazy kids, I got my swimming merit badge, my pioneering merit badge, and my cooking merit badge. I heard there was a shotgun merit badge, a life saving merit badge, first aid merit badge, and an environmental science merit badge. My troop got to do the polar bear swim, where you swim in the morning, and we got to do the pirate breakfast where we got to eat breakfast on the canoes and kayaks. We had sermons by my friend, and he was amazing. My troop also saw a copperhead in our camp. I missed that though. We also had a bear at our camp and the camp staff tranquilized it. We didn’t get to see that though. We had so much fun at camp, and I realized that at the very end.