Lego Movie

The Lego Movie is about this guy named Emmet. Emmet lives in a world where people use instructions instead of building things without them. Everything has instructions, for instance, they have an instruction book for how to live your life. Anyway, Emmet finds this piece called the piece of resistance, which is the only relic that can stop the kragle from being released by Lord Business. The kragle is a relic that can freeze people so they stay the same forever. The master builders, the greatest Lego builders in the world, will not let Business win. Sadly the master builders are not great enough to take down business. If they were caught, Business would put them a device called the think tank. The thing tank is a device that makes master builders make instructions for the world by torturing them and the scanners connected to the master builders’ heads would read their minds and it would be put into a computer. Emmet, with the help of Vitruvius, an ancient master builder, Wildstyle, another master builder, Metal Beard, Uni-kitty, Benny, and Batman, will stop Lord Business from releasing the kragle. Or will they? I would rate this a 10 star because the song is so catchy. Everything is awesome! I love Legos so it was like watching a dream. Also because I love that they have so many Lego worlds. It is a child’s paradise!