School’s Out Forever

I just read the second book in the Maximum Ride series. The Flock just escaped from the School and is attacked by flying Erasers and Fang is injured. When Fang is in the hospital, the FBI interrogates them. After Fang is healed, the Flock stays with one of the FBI agents named Anne Walker. Anne decides to send them to school and they are not very pleased with that. While they go to school, they found Iggy’s parents. Also, Max goes on a date with a boy. At the end, the Flock figure out that Anne is working for Jeb, a scientist who broke them out and betrayed them, and they run away. Sadly before they figure out that Anne is working for Jeb, they take Iggy to his parents. When they run away, Iggy returns and says that his parents were trying to make money off of him. (People, never make money off your kids.)  I would rate this book 4- ½ stars because it is very nerve wracking and it has a lot of action in it.

The Angel Experiment

I just read a book called The Angel Experiment by James Patterson. It is about five kids who are 98% human and 2% bird. The main character is named Max. Max’s family includes Fang, Iggy, Nudge, Gassy or Gas Man, and Angel. This book is about the “Flock” (that is what Max calls the family) who is living in secret hiding from the place called the School. The School is the place where they were mutated. The main problem is that Erasers, a human wolf hybrid, kidnap Angel and the Flock leaves to find her. I would rate this book a 4-½ stars. I love it that the book is about mutants and it takes place in the same time as us.